ASSUMPTION OF RISK: I, the applicant, do hereby release International Bowhunters Organization(lBO), Cedar River Bowmen (CRB), and all personnel, from losses, damages, or personal injuries incurred by myself, my family, or guests while participating and/or viewing an IBO or other archery sanctioned event. I fully understand and acknowledge that archery tournaments, as well as other outdoor activities, involve inherent risk. I attend and/or participate with full knowledge of those risks while using CRB facilities.

Hello  perspective members...

This is the paper based membership application. Fill this out and present it along with your membership dues to the membership chairman at the next sanctioned event or email the membership chairmen for a mutually agreed upon meeting. Thank you for your interest and welcome in advanced to the club.


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Directions from North:
Directions from North: Traveling south on SR 169 turn left on  Enumclaw-Franklin Road. travel approximately 1 mile CRB will be on your right. Go through gate (which is directly below the power lines) and follow the road to the right and up the small hill to another gate. Club is just a short distance beyond this second gate.

Directions From South:
From   Enumclaw go North on SR 169 to Enumclaw-Franklin road and turn right. Go about 1 mile to gate on right (which is directly below the power lines).  Go through gate and follow the road to the right and up the small hill to another gate. Club is just a short distance beyond this second gate.

Cedar River Bowmen

P.O. Box 802
Black Diamond Wa. 98010

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cedar River Bowmen’s facility encompasses over 40 acres of land, containing 4 walk-through courses, a 15-100 yard flat range and broadhead pits from 20-50 yards.

Enclosed and heated clubhouse, also a cook shack and registration booth for tournaments.

Our first course is an animal course, Course A. Our second course is a field course, Course B. Course C is also an animal course. Course D is now completed, and is also a field/animal course. Each support 14/15 targets of varying difficulty. Our flat range has targets from 15 out to 100 yards, with 4 targets at 5 yard splits 15,25, 35, 45 yards. Our broadhead targets are 20- 50 yard sand pits.