CRB Board Meeting- August 9, 2018 at the Club House - 6:30 p.m.

Attendance:  ( “X” indicates member present)

Galen Mauden   Pres             X

Jim Walker             Puffs

Tournament - Vacant

BJ Brewster         V-Pres         X

Ted Moore 2yr       Trustee   X

Secretary-        Vacant

Mike Stefanick     Member s 

JJ Ussery 2yr             Trustee X


Bocci Delfino        Range M   X

Jason Coleman 2yr Trustee  X


Dustin Veenker    Range A    X

Ron Hammerly 1yr Trustee  X


Dave Garrison      Range F    X

Ali Masood      Treasurer     


Robert McVicker  Hunt




Meeting called to order at:  



Quorum is/is not Present:    Present.


Secretary’s Report – John “J.J.” Ussery

-Motion was made to accept last month’s secretary’s report as written. 2nd, vote and              accepted.


Treasurer’s Report

            -Treasurer not present. No report.


Range Master Report – Bocci DelFino

            -Courses look good.

            -20 yard butt changed out, repaired with foam-seems ok.

-We have a source for free 9’x12’ sheets of heavy cardboard for targets. We just need to  pick up and haul.


Assistant Animal – Dustin Veenker

            -Nothing else to note.


Assistant Field – Dave Garrison

            -Yardage markers back up on “B” and “D” courses.

            -Everything has been mowed. Will probably be good til after hunting season.


Bow Hunter Report – Robert McVicker

            -Not present. No report.



Membership – Mike Stefanick

            -Not present. No report.


Tournament Report

            -No Chairman- No official report. Group discussion.

-Bownanza: We grossed almost $18,000 from the shoot, and about $505 from    the bow raffle.

-There were about 261 total 1 & 2-day Bownanza shooters, and 179 2-day shooters. 

-Other discussion about Bownanza tabled until October meeting, pending numbers and treasurer’s report.            

-Wire shoot this weekend- (Sat./Sun.) Galen coul use some more help setting it up.

-Club shoot Sunday. Shoot until 3pm, Banquet at 4.

            -Rocky Horror Turkey Shoot being thought out and planned.


Puffs – Jim Walker

            Not present. No report.


Old Business


·         Vacant Positions- Secretary and Tournament Chair.

·         Garbage costs from Bownanza was $90.


New Business –


            -Dave says he has 2 12v car batteries at home for movers etc. for use at the club.

            -Main generator may need an alternator.


            -2019 shoot calendar discussed:


            -Calendar submittals must be postmarked by Sept. 1st.


            -Feb:                        Superbowl Safari: After the Superbowl. 2 day shoot?  $35 registration/day.                         

                                Mixed Safari/Key exchange. Motion/2nd- vote passed.


-March:       23rd and 24th: Boar’s Head/Extreme Shoot. (Bocci to run). 2 Day Extreme                                                   Shoot. Rangefinders ok. Motion/Vote-passed.


-April:          No shoot? Motion/Vote-Passed. No shoot for April.


-May:           Field Shoot. Paper targets. We have the targets. 18th/19th?


-June:          Y.O.U. Shoot- Father’s Day weekend. 15/16th. Motion/Vote-Passed.


-July:           Bownanza. 26th-28th. Motion/Vote-Passed.


-Aug.:          Wire Shoot/Banquet-(2-day) . 10th/11th or 17th/18th. (To be scheduled around                     Tacoma Sportsman’s shoot for August). To be determined. Motion/Vote-    


-We need to coordinate schedule while at WSAA Banquet-  Plan our dates around other big shoots in area.


-Club Shoots:  Rocky Horror. (Want to support our club and families).                    


            -Discussion about dropping the Field Shoot/Redding Warm-up.


            -Discussion about raising registration fees for upcoming 2019 season. $20-25 ea. (2-day)

                      -Look at other shoot flyers to see what others are charging. Our fees have been

                        $20 since we moved from Issaquah. Take survey and consider for 2019. Tabled.


            -We need to replace the rope on float shot in pond-A course. Possibly replace with

                       “Mule Tape” (electrical wire pulling tape). Bocci to acquire and test.


            -Need to start sending monthly minutes by email to Tom/Diane for posting on website.



            Meeting Adjourned-  8:24 P.M.