CCRB Board Meeting, December 7, 2017 at the Newaukum Grange Hall @ 6:30pm


Tom Daniels

Dave Garrison


Jennifer Gahan

BJ Brewster


Travis Gahan

Mike Stefanick


Norm Graves

Bocci Delfino


Galen Mauden

Jason Coleman


Jim Walker

Zach Graves


Mike Wallace

Ted Moore



Meeting called to order at 6:34.

Al quorum is present.

Secretary’s report – Jennifer – Distributed 12/12/2017 –Motion, Seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report – Jeff – Distributed 10/10/2017 – motion as sent, second, pass.

Range Master report – Mike W.–

  • 100 Yard flat range shot tipped back. Potential issue of rain and getting the bale wet
  • Mike stepped down (personal reasons), handed stuff to Bocci on targets and keys.


Assistant Field – Bocci –

  • Tree on D needing cleared
  • Zach mentioned C course having small snags and D course wind damage.


Assistant Animal – Dave –

  • Rodents active on targets, especially burlap.
  • Generators: Oldest generator is fine, Green is ok but don’t know why it stops, Red is still DOA until Dustin can fix, unsure of charging units, 24 volt works on the green generator.


Bow hunter report - Jim –

·         2018 Spring Black bear quotas started

·         WA parks accepting donations to repair parks

·         Clubhouse needs roof repairs for leaking roof. It will be wet by winter league. Looking roughly $2000 estimated to fix roof.


Membership – Mike S-

·         Galen asked for Roster to align with signup for Sportsman show

·         268 members, 249 paid

·         Released 2018 calendar to the board to review and provide updates or suggestions.

·         Got 3new locks for next year with a water barrier collar for weathering and 300 keys. Ted suggests white silicone in winter for weathering too.


Tournament report – Travis –

·         Working on Super Bowl Safari with Tom

Puffs – Open –

·         Jim needs articles. Turn in hunting stories to Tom or Jim (good or bad).

Old Business –

·         Sportsman show is registered (Jan 24-28). Galen will be running the show and staying on site again. Sign up sheet passed around to the board to help cover the booth. Can also call or email Galen with times available to help.

o   BJ suggesting to reimburse time/pay for Galen to stay onsite for the Sportsman Show (5 nights @ $25 each night      . Motion to pay $125 to stay onsite for Sportsman Show. Second, pass. Galen abstained.

o   Tom advised there will be a new 6’ table for the show.

o   Jason asking for shoot cards, flyers, member flyers for Skookum booth to set out at Sportsman Show.

·         Bow Raffle

o   50-60 lb Reign Bow 2017 can be purchased soon to start the bow raffle for the year.

New Business –

·         Money movement

o   $22456 in general, $75100 in savings. Of the General $8000 is allocated to Bownanza, target, kids. Last 3 years $15000 moved. Renewal $10-12000 typically. Lease is $10000 in March due which has been covered by membership.

o   Jim: Motion to move $15000 to the land acquisition fund, second, pass.

o   Jim: Bownanza fund $5000 asking to move back to $4000. Motion to move $1824.80 to General from Bownanza door prize fund, second, pass. BJ abstained.

·         Checks

o   Jeff asked for name and personal info to be removed from the checks. 300 new checks ordered showing CRB, PO BOX, Black Diamond.

·         Animal repair

o   Dave looking to find a spot (10’ x 20’)to make room with heat to repair animals.

·         Elections

o   Tom Daniels, Jennifer Gahan and Travis Gahan will not be running in elections due to weekend/night work conflicts.

o   Jason, Ted, John, Al potential for interest in running on the board.

o   Galen suggesting a phone tree to call people about elections. Mike to send roster to Tom to pull names that have already been contacted.

·         Jim: Memberships

o   Motion to give Jennifer Gahan a 2018 membership, second, pass.

o   Motion to give Diane Daniels a 2018 membership, second, pass.

·         BJ: Membership

o   Suggesting all board members get their memberships free.

§  Discussion on reasons why free is an incentive but could cause issues of people only joining board for free membership, but not participation on the board.

§  BJ: Motion all board members get free membership. Not passed.

§  Tabled discussion

·         Norm can deliver crushed asphalt and will put in drop spots like years before.

·         Trailer in Puffs: Jim says if not sold ask the seller to bring out to Super Bowl Safari.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50.