CRB Board Meeting, November 9th, 2017 at the Newaukum Grange hall 6:30pm 


 Tom D


 Dave G

 Jim W

 Galen M


 Mike S

 Jeff K














 Meeting called to order at .   6:30 pm

A quorum is/is not present.   Quorum not present @ start of Meeting     Quorum was obtained @ approx. 7:30

Secretary’s report - Jennifer – Distributed 11/9/2017  Motion made to accept as distributed, seconded, and Motion Passed

Range Master report – Mike W.–  No Report

Assistant Field – Bocci –  Field courses OK.  Discussion about membership for owners of Grange Hall in exchange for use of Grange Hall during Fall and Winter Months.   Motion made to give a membership to Whiatt Gwerder. Motion Seconded and Passed 

Assistant Animal – Dave –  Animal Course ok, some dead falls need to be removed @ various locations. 

Bow hunter report - Jim –  Late Season coming up

Membership – Mike S-  266 members 247 paid, will have new locks and keys for next year.   Convention recap to be sent via email. Then to be posted in PUFFS

Tournament report – Travis –  No report

Puffs – Open – Who’s turn is it?   Articles to Jim ASAP

Treasurer’s Report – Jeff – Distributed 11/05/2017 -  Motion made to accept subject to year-end audit, motion seconded and passed.

Discussion took place regarding elections;  Election will take place in Club House in January.  Current Board of directors responsible for advising membership about all Board Positions available, and recruitment of potential Board Members.

Discussion took place regarding; possible 12x12 insulated and heated and ventilated room to be built in club house adjoining current storage area. Dedicated for target repair. 

Discussion took place regarding; New target fund for club house target bails. To be funded by winter league.  Column to be created on BS sheet.  Motion made, seconded and passed