CRB Board Meeting, October 12th, 2017 at the CRB Clubhouse @ 6:30pm


Tom Daniels

Dave Garrison


Jennifer Gahan

BJ Brewster


Travis Gahan

Mike Stefanick


Norm Graves

Bocci Delfino


Galen Mauden



Jim Walker


Mike Wallace



Meeting called to order at 6:33.

A quorum is present.

Secretary’s report – Jennifer – Distributed 10/12/2017 – with update of all-inclusive spelled out for YOUR shoot, Motion w/ update amended. Seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report – Jeff – Distributed 10/10/2017 –Tabled

Range Master report – Mike W.–

  • Garbage run done
  • Need work party for dead debris, firewood, safety on all four course
  • Need solution for people dumping their dog poop in the barrels especially at the flat range in the summer? Complaints on smell of poop.
  • Galen suggest cleaning up the broadhead shoots and rake somehow.
  • Jim suggests a hand rail on A4 Bridge and A7 to put up plywood or let brush overgrow for left shoot lane safety.


Assistant Field – Bocci –

  • Large safari targets needed.


Assistant Animal – Dave – Shot A and mowed. Haven’t been on C in a while.

  • A & C course walked. B & D need walked.


Bow hunter report - Jim – Turn in Ray White Award and reports.

Membership – Mike S-

·         264 members. 247 are paid members.

·         Denton has a few keys if someone has a bad key.

Tournament report – Travis –

·         November 4th is the turkey shoot

·         Galen volunteered to set up 20 targets on 2 courses.

·         Jim suggests course marshall for Bownanza. Jim discussion on course captian of the year award and how to reduce popularity vote. Jim discussion on the flyer & agenda matching. Tom confirmed oversite and to be corrected next year. Jim discussion on sponsor list needing to show all sponsors. Discussion on having to print list and timing to print sponsor list.

·         Discussion to resurrect the Polar Bear. Motion to fix polar bear at a $500 approximate cost, second and pass.

·         Discussion on turning the Delta Elk into a Dragon. Dragon would be about 6 feet tall, constructed with conduit, spines, wings, long neck. Motion to make a dragon. Second and pass.

·         Sales over $20000 for Bownanza.

Puffs – Open –

·         Jim needs articles

Old Business –

·         Shoot Calendar was sent in        

·         Bow Raffle purchase

o   Bocci advised max we can make is $5000.  Kids cannot buy or sell the raffle tickets. Must sale at face value (No buy 5, get 6th free). Must have what, where, time, date, numbered.

o   Purchase of Bow at Sportco of a Bowtech Reign 6/7.

o   Sell raffles $5/ticket at 1000 tickets printed.

o   Motion to buy bow for raffle, second and pass.

New Business –

·         Turkey Shoot

o   Galen to set up course

o   Food will be sloppy Joes

·         Broadhead/ 3D hunt (broadhead vs field points)

o   Broadhead targets are all shot up.

o   Discussion on wire shoot instead. There would be a shooting stake and animal in certain positions. We would paint the wire (10 dead, 8 track, -5 off wire) and use field points. Discussion on using two wires one long (8 track) and one short (10 dead). It would be a 1 day wire shoot called CRB wire hunt. Motion to change Broadhead to wire shoot, second, pass. Mike S abstained.

·         Convention

o   Gig Harbor Inn @ Gig Harbor (KBH) October 27, 28, 29.

o   We have 4 votes

o   Must be WSAA. Dave Garrison said ok. Mike Stefanick to check schedule. Norm ok to go Sunday, discussion on asking Jason to attend.

·         Generators

o   Dave G/Norm to help fix them

o   Back generator needs battery

o   Manual is available for the red generator

o   Discussion on charging units and alternator

·         Club house use on 11/11 5-9pm Norm

o   Member, will use own generator, will pack it in/out

o   Fire ok as long as no burn ban.

·         Bocci to check on roofer for the clubhouse/leaking.

·         Indoor league starts  Tuesday  (January 2nd)


Meeting adjourned at 8:00.