CRB Board Meeting, August 10th, 2017 at the Cedar River Bowmen Clubhouse @ 6:30pm


Tom Daniels

Dave Garrison


Jennifer Gahan

BJ Brewster


Jason Coleman

Mike Stefanick


Norm Graves

Jeff Keen


Galen Mauden



Bocci Delfino


Mike Wallace



Meeting called to order at 6:40.

A quorum is present.

Secretary’s report – Jennifer – Distributed 08/09/2017 - Motion. Seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report – Jeff – Distributed 08/04/2017 –Please turn in receipts with the form filed out. Galen asking about “other prize fund” and was informed it is mulligans. Motion.  Seconded and passed.

Range Master report – Mike W.–

  • Push Pin material discussion and thoughts on work party to make more pins for the bales
  • Discussion on instructions made up for 3D shoots
  • Discussions on 3D yardage makers.


Assistant Field – Bocci –

  • Thanks to Mike for course help


Assistant Animal – Dave – Shot A and mowed. Haven’t been on C in a while.

  • Broadhead was put up 8/10 on Band C courses. 30-40 targets are out.


Bow hunter report - Jim – Bear open in high country.  Dept Fish and wildlife require that you leave the hooves behind on hunts due to hoof rot. 8/15 Draw foe multi-season elk tags left.

Membership – Mike S-

·         Nothing new to report.


Tournament report – Tom –

·         Great turnout for Bownanza.

·         $15637.41 Net from Bownanza.

·         Sales over $20000 for Bownanza.

Puffs – Open –

·         Tom-needs articles

Old Business –

·         Bownanza discussion/ Clean up-                              

o   Spread out money dot ranges (35+ or better next year)

o   Rangefinders being used? –Use phone to show money dot made before arrows pulled?

o   1 day shooters were $30 this year. Next year to be $25.

o   Door Prize—give away more early?

·         Things left to do

o   Patrick to sign our waiver forms and chick-ins for archery classes.             

§  Waiver to say classes are not held by CRB and need 2 ppl onsite.

§  Contractual business (who, what, when, where, how)

New Business –

·         2018 shoot Calendar:

o   February 3, 2018 – Super Bowl Safari

o   March 10-11, 2018—Boars Head

o   April 21-22, 2018-- Redding Warm-up

o   May 19-20, 2018 --Shoot the Field

o   June 9-10, 2018—YOU Shoot. Motion to be held all-inclusive of YOU. Second, pass.

§  All-Inclusive including set-up/break-down of entire shoot, Registration shack, Raffle prizes, and contract signed again to hold shoot at CRB. CRB would only be responsible for the cook shack.

o   July 28-29, 2018—Bownanza

o   August 11, 2018 –Broadhead.

§  August 12th, 2018 Club Picnic.


Meeting adjourned at 8:26.