CRB Board Meeting, July 13, 2017 at the Cedar River Bowmen Clubhouse @ 6:30pm


Tom Daniels

Jeff Keen


Travis Gahan

Dave Garrison


Jennifer Gahan

Jason Coleman


Jim Walker

Mike Stefanick


Bocci Delfino

Norm Graves


BJ Brewster


Mike Wallace



Meeting called to order at 6:25.

A quorum is present.

Secretary’s report – Tom – Distributed 07/11/2017 - update to show 6:30 start time. Motion to accept with update. Seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report – Jeff – Distributed 7/10/2017 – Jeff sent a correction in email. A few revisions are needed per Jeff.Motion made to accept w/ revisions.  Seconded and passed.

Range Master report – Mike W.–

  • #7 needs shelving redone, disconnected, screws and gather supplies
  • B11 has cable across and is ok and will be used at Bownanza
  • Need Pruner with saw in the future for trees
  • Signage at gates need updated.
    • Tom to get metal and Diane to apply vinyl for new signage.


Assistant Field – Bocci –

·         D Course done except 13 and 14 still need maintained.

Assistant Animal – Dave – Shot A and mowed. Haven’t been on C in a while.

·         BJ advised that Dustin might be able to work on the red generator.

Bow hunter report - Jim –  US Forestry service site has eastside as no open fires. Hancock has doen the same. Motion of no open fires for Bownanza including propane fire pits, second, pass.

Membership – Mike S-

  • Approximately 251 members.

·         Running out of keys. Buying a box of 50 keys and will carve out 25 keys for now.


Tournament report – Travis –

·         $800 net last shoot (cook shack and reg)

·         $200 allowance for computer update for software.

Motion for no more than $250 to update software & operating system, second, pass.

·         Per BJ Your shoot CRB earned$917

·         Jim questioned Vortex Binos were not donated by club.

·         Jim question flat range being shut down on Sunday for Long distance shoot.

Puffs – Open –

·         Jim to help facilitate Puffs until position filled.  Articles needed

o   Keep gate article and bales article in puffs.


·         FRIDAY: Door prize help from Jim and Jason for set up.

·         Jason to do spaghetti dinner Friday night and steak dinner Saturday night.

·         BJ to do the coon shoot in Saturday

·         Bocci to do the smoker round on Friday and Saturday. Also facilitate the poker shoot.

·         Jenn in raffles and shirt sales. Will need help with shirt sales and raffles for some relief.

·          20 Bales of Hay donation to be customer PU. TO choose from Orchard or Alfalfa.

·         Motion to move “other secondary prize fund to Bownanza prize fund to cover Sportco minimum purchase, second, pass.

·         Tabled discussion on marked yardage for Bownanza.

·         When score cards passed out asking for groups of 6 max.

·         We will use an air horn for any safety related issues.

·         Course will be closed one full week before the shoot.

·         Look at playset to make sure up to par for Bownanza.

Animals refurbished-

·         Jim, Galen, Mike W, Jason, Jerry have helped in refurishing foam animals. 56 mids, 27 complete, 6 no longer available, 10 mackenzie worked through.

·         Jerry to work on some ear molds for the animals.


Meeting adjourned at 7:56.