CRB Board Meeting, May 11, 2017 at the Cedar River Bowmen Clubhouse @ 6pm


Tom Daniels

Jeff Keen


Travis Gahan

Dave Garrison


Jennifer Gahan

Jason Coleman


Jim Walker

Mike Stefanick


Bocci Delfino

Norm Graves


BJ Brewster

Galen Mauden


Mike Wallace



Meeting called to order at 6:13.

A quorum is present.

Secretary’s report - Jennifer – Distributed 05/10/2017 - Motion made to accept. Seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report – Jeff – Distributed 5/9/2017 – Motion made to accept as distributed.  Seconded and passed.

Range Master report – Mike W.–

  • NA


Assistant Field – Bocci –

·         NA

Assistant Animal – Dave – Firewood needs picked up on the courses.

Bow hunter report - Jim – Next year for ray White Big Game Award (RWBGA) asking for contact name and info on the form to be added. The award is for Bear, Deer, Elk, thinking we should add Turkey to the mix. Motion to add turkey to the RWBGA, seconded, passed. Discussion of adding all animals potentially as long as they are fair chase, no bait. Discussion tabled. Special hunt permits May 24th.

Membership – Mike S-

  • Approximately 212 members.

·         Had to buy new lock for clubhouse door. Board checked their keys. All who had keys tested and they worked.


Tournament report – Travis – Next shoot, Shoot the Field   what is needed?

·         97 shooters for No Strings Attached. Made $1688.11.

·         40 hat pins sold at the shoot.

·         Shoot the field: Need help clearing courses, work party.

Puffs – Open –

·         Jim to help facilitate Puffs until position filled. 

Old Business –

·         Banquet- Food is all set up to go. Agenda set and targets for fun shoot are in the works. Easter eggs for the kids are filled already.

·         Club Pins -  Arrived and are selling sold 40 at No Strings Attached

·         Bownanza Awards on their way. Arrowhead with 1st, 2nd, 3rd place pins (gold, silver, bronze).

·         Quad  (INFO SENT)—Fair deal—Galen does not think it is a working quad but more of a riding quad. Asking if hitch and rack can be added? Tabled the quad to research rack and hitch which would be approx. $40 for a hitch as a guess.

o   Mention of John Deer Gator and was discussed that it would be a challenge for some trails.

·         Lease Review Did you read?—All is looks ok, Jim has some questions, but would like to bring it up once able to able to set a time to meet with new land owners.

New -

·         Bownanza raffle items --  Need Help –Each board member agreed to get a few raffle items for Bownanza. Bocci to discuss load of hay bales to be donated potentially if possible.

·         Work party:  Target gluing needed, Course maintanence: Mowing, weed, trimming. Water container plan to fill for cookshack.

o   Jim—white and small container are labeled. 2 green containers need labeled. Jim and Glen to put up pictures.                Discussion on needing to repair targets and need help. Takes 3 days to prep and 2+ days to fill and repair. Discussion on getting metal racks for the containers. Advising 5 racks would be needed and looking to be approx. $273 each. Tabled discussion on purchasing racks to research pricing. 

·         BJ asking if CRB would be willing to donate a prize for the YOU shoot.

·         Kids Training (Patrick)—Jim advised using funds from Frank for the $2000 given to buy arrows for the program for Patrick. Looking to purchase 4 dozen NASP style arrows.

·         Shirt Inventory --Gaps—Need shirts by Bownanza for inventory. Diane currently watching inventory and camouflage items. Discussion on allowing Diane to continue watching inventory and a budget to stock the inventory. Motion to give Diane a check for $2000 as a budget and no more for shirt sales/order, seconded, and passed.

·         Security—Jim—Noticed 4 times in 2 weeks of the club gate being open with no person to be found.

·         Chef of the Woods—Waiver forms to get from Shad.


Meeting adjourned at 7:30.