CRB Board Meeting, June 8th, 2017 at The Club House  6pm






Mike W











Mike S







Meeting called to order at .  6:10pm

A quorum is/is not present.

Secretary’s report - Jennifer – Distributed 6/6/2017 – Motion made to accept as distributed and seconded. Motion Passed

Range Master report – Mike W.– Shared cost per day for flat range targets.(Approx. 1.00 per day) Talked about sign verbiage at club gate should it different?  Asked for some more target bail pins.  Dave and Norm to make more

Assistant Field – Bocci – Not much to report Mike W has it covered. Nothing needed

Assistant Animal – Dave – A14 tree leaning over shooting lane.  Need to clear at work party.  Nothing needed

Bow hunter report - Jim – June 15 special tag drawing results should be out.  Still having gate issues.  People leaving main gate opened on Sundays.  Jim will observe this weekend.  Jim stated that we should have a better paper trail/documentation, regarding Y.O.U. shoot in 2016 cash was exchanged therefore no documentation.  Discussion took place.  Tom will construct a contract for 2017 Y.O.U. Shoot, showing activities taking place, and cost per shooter money to be retained.

Membership – Mike S- Reported that we had 227 paid members and 15 honorary and life for a total of 242.  Also asked a question regarding targets on B course which were left over Safari targets was it ok to continue to shoot them for Summer League?  Consensus was "shot em' up" then they'll get changed out.  Asked whether there was any key issue from changing out the lock on the club house.  Nobody had heard of any issues.

Tournament report – Tom report out.  Field shoot a modest success.  64 shooters Net income 1512.00

Puffs – Open –  Jim will have ready by next Thursday 6-15

Treasurer’s Report – Jeff – Distributed 5/5/2017 – Motion made to accept as distributed and seconded. Motion passed.

Old Business –

·         Bownanza awards are in

·         Shirt Inventory almost complete

·         Bownanza raffle items?  Tom asked if anyone needed help, everyone seems to be on track.

New Buisness

·         Carpet Bail rebuild?  Tom asked if rebuilding the 15yd bail was something we could do and then have it as an auction item at Bownana.  Most all agreed Tom suggested we look at it.

·         Bownanza needs? Fulfilling different needs.  Bj will do Coon shoot.  Bocci and his girls would take the poker run  

·         Work Party coming up Trail clearing , Water , sheet rock repair

·         Motion made and seconded to purchase shelving for container #7.  Motion Passed.

·         Motion made and seconded to purchase 50 new design decals From Diane. Motion passed.


Meeting adjourned at   7:40pm