CRB Board Meeting, Apr 13, 2017 at the Neuwaukim Grange Hall 6pm


Tom Daniels

Jeff Keen


Travis Gahan

Dave Garrison


Jennifer Gahan

Jason Coleman


Jim Walker

Mike Stefanick


Bocci Delfino

Norm Graves


BJ Brewster

Patrick Seiver


Mike Wallace



Meeting called to order at 6:02.

A quorum is present.

Secretary’s report - Jennifer – Distributed 4/11/2017 -Update needed from Mike Looney to Mike Winey for trash trailer. Motion made to accept as amended.  Seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report – Jeff – Distributed 4/10/2017 –  Tom advised that the week of April 17th cleaning of the port-a-potty was missed due to no key being brought out to the club by driver. He talked to National Rentals and we will be receiving a credit on the one week of cleaning. Jim made mention to purchase of Target Dots $34, asked how many targets it covers, how many come on a sheet and if they were various size dots. Motion made to accept as distributed.  Seconded and passed.

Range Master report – Mike W.–

  • Mention of needing to look for cardboard for targets. Patrick advised Costco usually has a lot of cardboard that can be picked up with prior notification for free.
  • Bell/Donger needs to be repaired. Need ladder to fix on next work party.


Assistant Field – Bocci –

·         Need to count straw bales for Bownanza. Bocci can get full size bales for $2.00 each. Free if we give back and not weathered potentially. Board advised that 20 bales were to be needed for Bownanza.

·         Bathroom high moisture wall paper glue needed for targets.

·         NFAA targets needed group 1 & 4

Assistant Animal – Dave – C course needs work, need to replace a few targets.

Bow hunter report - Jim –Turkey season starts weekend 4/15. Hunting/fishing licensing begins. Actual name of Ray White Award is actually “Ray White Big Game Award.” 100 pins were ordered for Ray White Big Game Award.

Membership – Mike S-

  • Approximately 218 members.
  • Next year all info will be required to be filled out on memberships as some are being returned due to out of date information.


Tournament report – Travis – 

·         Nothing to report on No Strings attached.

·         Tom advised for Bownanza that Shad is to confirm if he will be covering C course/ exotics.

·         Jim advised during the work party that container #2 and white container were labelled. Need to label two green containers next work party


Puffs – Open –

·         Jim to facilitate with Ray White article included.

·         Jeff to send pictures

·         Work party agenda to be advised on when we will have them

Old Business –

  • Club use form—Board to agree to form as a guideline from application to advise if charges apply and if waivers apply.


New –

·         Club Banquet

·         Food= Chicken, and potluck style for everything else.

·         Agenda = Diane to fill eggs for hunt @ 3,  Dinner @ 5, Banquet at 6 and awards given.

·         10 Targets for a fun shoot to be put out by Norm and Dave G.

·         Work party prior 0900-1300.

·         20 various gift cards to be purchased to cover Ray White and Bonanza.

·         Club pins—Jason

·         Ordered and to arrive end of April.

·         Pricing for sales to be $3 each or 2 for $5. Motion to have 1 pin at $3 and 2 pins at $5. Seconded and passed.

·         Bownanza awards- Norm

·         3 options shown: 2 arrowhead, 1 target

·         Discussion of looking for one design for 1st, 2nd, 3rd for Bownanza and to change color scheme only.

·         Board discusses the Arrowhead pin with elk head in the middle with CRB bownanza on outside. Tabled with Artwork to update.

·         Club Vehicle- Club Quad in emails voted no based on seller. Discussion on it being nice to have one especially for firewood. Additionally discussed that it needs to be narrow enough to get through trails. Discussion of needing 350-400 CC range/ wheels/ 4X4. BJ Brewster mention of having a Quad for sell for $2800 and can bring it to the next work party to check it out.

·         Club Logo option- Galen

·         Little discussion and discussed that it will not be voted on.

·         Work Party- Work on cleaning up courses and invite friends to help.

·         1085 days remaining on current lease

·         No longer Palmer Coking Coal ownership

·         New April 1 (EMF Enterprises LLC). There will be a meeting in the near future with the new owner

·         $10444 lease payment was transferred to new owners

·         3D archery repair kits     repairs 5-20 animals        327.00 per kit shipping included

·         Permission for 3 kits. Motion to purchase 3 kits, seconded and passed. (funds to come from 3D prorated target fund)

·         Jeff question rings – Tom advised they are to be burnt in.

·         Patrick Seiver – training program

·         Level 3 NTS coach

·         USAA / NFAA Tribe archer 4-5 years. In USAA good standing, safe sport certified and background check passed.

·         There will be NFAA insurance coverage.

·         8- week, 1 hour course, offered 4 times per year. (8 students per class)

·         $100 per student ($32 per student goes to the club)

·         Existing members $75 per student ($16 to club)

·         At end of course students can reenrol if they would like to repeat the program or enrol in coaching with Patrick directly. Contingent of continuing private lessons students must become CRB club members. Any students who Patrick bring in who join the club should count towards his annual dues credit for the referral.

·         There are to be 2011 compound to recurve

·         Students to sign CRB waiver additionally

·         Patrick prepared to use own generator for club house

·         Use of some targets

·         Genesis bow use from back room

·         Board agrees to Patrick proceeding in set up of Training program.

Meeting adjourned at 7:57.