CRB Board Meeting, Mar 9, 2017 at the Neuwaukim Grange Hall 6pm




Tom Daniels

Jeff Keen

Patti Mauden

Travis Gahan

Dave Garrison


Jennifer Gahan

Galen Mauden


Jim Walker

Jason Coleman


Bocci Delfino

Mike Stefanick


BJ Brewster

Norm Graves


Mike Wallace

Shad Hulse





Meeting called to order at 6:10.


A quorum is present.


Secretary’s report - Jennifer – Distributed 3/7/2016 –Motion made to accept as amended.  Seconded and passed.


Treasurer’s Report – Jeff – Distributed 2/7/2017 – Jim inquired on if being subject to a future audit. Jeff comment on Club Debit cards that all members need to fill out a form if using a club debit card and attach receipt to form. Additionally Jeff asked that there is a call or text made with location and amount spent. Motion made to accept as distributed.  Seconded and passed.


Range Master report – Mike W.–


  • Three do not enter signs were repaired.




Assistant Field – Bocci –


  • 3/4/17 walked the courses, noticed small limbs on A, B, D that were walked.

  • No downed trees noticed.


Assistant Animal – Dave – C course needs work, need to replace a few targets.


Bow hunter report - Jim – Discussion 1 Ray White award left in possession. Suggestion of Arrowhead with Ray White for award. Discussion of other award/pin options (ladder style pin, harvest style pin, T-shirt embroidered with animal and year). Potential of adding to Jason club pin order?


Membership – Mike S-


  • Approximately 185 members.
  • Gave Denton (Rock Creek Archery) honorary membership. Sportco, Sportsman’s Warehouse in South Hill and Sportsman’s Warehouse in Federal Way were also given.




Tournament report – Travis – 


  • Boars Head—need help March 18 & 19 in registration and cookshack as Travis and Jennifer Gahan are out of town that weekend.

  • Tournament Flyers Review—Shoot the field flyer: scratch the no range finder, notate marked, 42 Saturday, 28 Sunday. BJ to get Y.O.U. flyer to WSAA. Jeff to send $340 check once to WSAA for all shoot flyers instead of multiple times a year. Motion to submit with changes and money to WSAA, second, pass.

  • Question in regards to waivers for shooting events non shooters. Tom or Mike W to ask IBO the rules on waivers. Tabled.



Puffs – Open –


  • Galen & Jim said that they will take on.


Old Business –


  • Club use form—Board to agree to form as a guideline from application to advise if charges apply and if waivers apply.




New –


  • Club Banquet—Tom

    • Do we want one? Yes

    • When? 05/13/17 Work party with informal banquet afterward

    • Easter Egg Hunt? Yes, for the kids activity

    • Potluck Style, and club to provide chicken.

    • Motion to keep same style as Spring Fling last few years, second, pass

  • Club pins—Jason

    • Review artwork submitted.

    • Vote on logo for club pin to be purchased. Majority vote for the CRB pin with Red outer circle having Cedar River Bowmen in print, with yellow inner circle showing an elk head in the middle.

    • Motion to purchase 500 CRB club pins, second, pass.

  • NWTF August 19th—Tom (Sat only—Liability insurance on NWTF as provided in past)

    • Confirmation that they will be signing waivers and their insurance adds us as liability for the weekend

    • Motion to allow for use of property, second, pass.

  • BJ Brewster—Mention of Mike Winey allowing to us to use the trailer for shoots to make dump runs. Talk to give Mike a membership in use for the trailer each shoot. Motion to give Mike Winey a year membership in lieu of using the trailer for dump runs each shoot, second, pass.

  • Galen—appreciate the willingness to cover the costs of the RV stay for the Sportsman’s Show, does not feel it necessary as was not approved in advance. Would like to donate the $125 funds back to the club.


Meeting adjourned at 8:13.