CRB Board Meeting, Feb 9, 2017 at the Neuwaukim Grange Hall


Tom Daniels

BJ Brewster

Patti Mauden

Travis Gahan

Dave Garrison


Jennifer Gahan

Galen Mauden


Jim Walker

Jeff Keen


Bocci Delfino

Mike Stefanick


BJ Brewster

Norm Graves


Mike Wallace

Dolly Graves



Meeting called to order at 6:02.

A quorum is present.

Secretary’s report - Jennifer – Distributed 1/18/2016 – Galen name not listed on list last meeting. Motion made to accept as amended.  Seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report – Jeff – Distributed 2/7/2017 – Jim inquired on listing of funds on the report. Tom advised listed for Bownanza door prize items for 2017. Motion made to accept as distributed.  Seconded and passed.

Range Master report – Mike  W.–

  • Dead deer found late Jan.- reported to Mike S, killed by predator. Discussion on posting signs at flat range and club house to remind there are predators.
  • Discussion on work party clean-up of fallen trees from snow damage.

Assistant Field – Bocci –

  • Discussion on swapping out targets with good weather, reminder to pick up rebar when getting animals.

  • Discussion on getting new bars for the tarps over the tables by clubhouse.

Assistant Animal – Dave – From flat range to lot four trees were down, not enough room for a trailer to move through. Looked at some dead standing trees to take down.

Bow hunter report - Jim – Discussion 1 Ray White award left in possession. 6 people have turned in for Ray White award. Suggestion of Arrowhead with Ray White for award. Discussion from group on new name or award options. Tabled for next mtg.

Membership – Mike S-

  • Approximately 170 have renewed and paid.   About 4 show specials in January and looking at 2 more by February end.
  • Jeff requesting membership type breakdown (senior, family, single, etc)
  • Recruiting reward—they renew and recruit renew—21 people that were recruited have renewed.

Tournament report – Travis – 

  • 122 shooters for Super Bowl Safari, $1450 net income.
  • Boars Head—Need help March 18 & 19 in registration and cookshack as Travis and Jennifer Gahan are out of town that weekend.
  • Dolly suggesting to schedule awards after targets are picked up to get more help as parents not as willing to help pick up targets as they want to watch children be awarded.

Puffs – Open –

  • Galen & Jim said that they will take on if a template is provided in word. Jennifer Gahan to export PDF to Word format.

Old Business –

  • Sportsman’s Show- Galen- went well. People worked hard and enthusiastic. Advised Patrick did not show up but spots were covered, Gained 7 members form the show. Lots of business cards handed out.
    • Discussion of Flint Tip asking to post their schedule in out newsletter and visa versa.

  • For February Meeting- Standardize our start time and venue for the board meetings
    • Discussion on 6pm vs 630pm. Motion made to meet at 6pm at the grange hall though May.  Seconded and passed.

  • Pending Lifetime membership-

    • Belala lifetime membership discussed. Motion made to accept lifetime membership.  Seconded and passed.

New –

  • Board norms/expectations
    • Show up, help with shoot set up/tear down
      • Mike W to round up for shoot set up/take down for Boarshead
      • Mike S to round up for shoot set up/take down for No Strings Attached.
  • Work Party Participation-            
    • Email to go out 2 weeks, 1 week and a few days prior to work parties to gain more participation. Also to note that lunch is provided in the email.
  • Daniels Reunion proposal- Tom

    • Proposal: Week after Bownanza in August—Daniels reunion --Motion made to accept with agreement of pack it in, pack it out.  Seconded and passed.

  • BJ proposal to use the club grounds on July 15th for birthday after work party. Motion made to accept with agreement of pack it in, pack it out.  Seconded and passed.

  • Jim suggested making a price list for use rules and parameters. Tom delegated for Jim to put together a list to provide to next board meeting.

  • Tom proposal on behalf of Diane: has 23 camo sweatshirt and 13 Long sleeve Tees that she is willing to secure with logo for the club. The cost proposed was $619. Motion made to accept $619 for payment.  Seconded and passed.

  • Discussion on indoor league cost of Generator and bails. Asking for League fee to be moved from $2 to $3 per week to cover costs. Motion made to accept fee change of $3. Motion was not accepted and will stay at $2 per week.

  • Mike S asking for more stickers for the membership packets. Discussion made on ordering 150 stickers. All new members will be provided with the elk. We will make a portion of the 150 available for purchase which will include some elk logos and some Indian logos.

  • Discussion on Sportsmen Show and cost of Galen staying onsite to oversee the show booth. Cost to stay onsite was $25/day for a total of $125. Motion made to reimburse Galen $125 for RV stay.  Seconded and passed.

  • Discussion on person being stuck on other side of gate before Super Bowl Safari. Suggestion made that an email will go out one week prior to the shoot if someone will be able to stay onsite to keep gate open, otherwise the gate will not open until the first board member gets to the club for the shoot to open gate.

  • Discussion started about CRB logo. Discussion was tabled for the next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:07.