CRB Board Meeting,  Jan 12, 2017 at the clubhouse


BJ Brewster

Sarah St George

Travis Gahan

Tom Daniels

Diane Daniels

Dave Garrison

Mike Wallace

Patrick Seiver

Galen Mauden

Jim Walker

Josh Tedeschi

Addie Nelson

Bocci Delfino

Jennifer Gahan

Al Gertsch

Norm Graves

Dolly Graves

Jeff Keen

Michael Gleason

Andrew Ellis



Meeting called to order at 6:19.

A quorum is present.

Secretary’s report - Diane – Distributed 12/12/2016 – Motion made to accept as distributed.  Seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report – Travis – Distributed 1/7/2017 – Motion made to accept as distributed.  Seconded and passed.

Range Master report – Mike  W.–

  • He found a new place for the flat range.  Need to drain the pond. 

  • Need to schedule a wood collecting party.  Table for Feb meeting.

  • Mike will put together Superbowl Safari  with Tom. 

Assistant Field – Bocci – There is a lot of firewood to pick up.  D course has a bunch. Tree on top of container 6.

Assistant Animal – Dave – Need to replace a few targets.  Looked at some dead standing trees to take down.

Bow hunter report - Addie – Can put in now for the multi season tags, however, you cannot buy your license now.

Membership – Mike S-

  • Post office fee was paid by Mike today. 

  • Printed some show special offers of $99. Motion made to offer a show special of $99 through the end of Feb.  Seconded and passed.

  • For incentive to come to key exchange and renew, can we offer a half price at the shoot?  One concern would be that it might encourage people to hold off on renewals.  Others did not think it would incent people to renew.  Mike says renewals are moving slowly.

Tournament report – Open –  

  • Work party last weekend in Jan.  Need to add orange dots to safari targets.

Puffs – Sarah – Needs articles


Old Business –

  • Sportsman’s Show- Galen update – Still has spots to fill.  Galen to get shifts available to Mike and Tom to send out in an email. 

  • For Feb Meeting - Standardize our start time and venue for the board meetings. 

New –

  • NWTF donation request – Diane   Motion made to donate membership to NWTF for their banquet.  Seconded and passed.

  • Motion made to donate a membership to WSB for their banquet.  Seconded and passed.

  • 3D target order – Tom   Motion made to purchase option number 1 (attached).  Seconded and passed. Tom to place order. 

Meeting adjourned at 6:46.