CRB Board Meeting, Dec 8, 2016 at the Neuwaukum Grange




Tom Daniels

Travis Gahan

Jim Walker

Norm Graves

Jason Coleman

Bocci Delfino

Diane Daniels

BJ Brewster

Dave Garrison

Mike Stefanick

Jeff Keen

Sarah St George

Mike Wallace

Jamie Holmes











Meeting called to order at 6:01.


A quorum is present.


Secretary’s report - Diane – Re-distributed 12/5/2016 – Motion made to accept the report as distributed.  Seconded and passed.


Treasurer’s Report – Travis – Distributed 12/7/16 – Motion made to accept as distributed.  Seconded and passed.


Range Master report – Mike  W.–


  • Course in pretty good shape.  A7has something is eating it. Dave thought it was mice.  May need to use some sort of repellant.

  • Put out a safari round.  Out of safari targets.  Tom will add to the order for Super Bowl Safari.


Assistant Field – Bocci – Haven’t been out there this month.


Assistant Animal – Dave –


  • A few trees down from the wind. 

  • Need to figure out what to do with target D6.


Bow hunter report - Addie – Absent


Membership – Mike S- 


  • Calendar – Sent out updated calendar. 

  • Mike revised the general rules page that goes out with new memberships.  Added dog safety and sanitation, alcohol, and sky drawing.

  • Membership packets will be provided for the Sportsman’s Show.

  • Norm will make keys for next year.

  • For an added fee, our PO box could have a street address.  Read as Cedar River Bowmen with the post office address.  Diane concerned that people would think that was our physical address and show up there for shoots.

  • Membership at 270.

  • The Girl Scouts that used the clubhouse in Oct donated $20.

  • Jim mentioned that we had discussed the renewal fee reminder being added to the renewal.  Mike to add.




Tournament report – Open –


Puffs – Sarah –


  • Sarah distributed designs submitted to be used as club pins and award pins.  Jason to get quotes and present back to us.




Old Business –


  • Elections-Will send out again in the Puffs.   Bios to Diane as soon after the 16th as possible. 

  • Sportsman’s Show- Some openings still need to be filled.  Will need flyers for our booth as well as for Skookums booth.  Maybe shoot cards as well. Diane to get shoot cards made up. 




New –


  • Bownanza Budget – Motion made to leave $4000. In the Bownanza door prize fund and move balance to the general fund.  Seconded and passed.

  • Motion made to allow Tom to start purchasing door prizes now.  Seconded and passed.

  • Motion made to leave $1500 in the “other” shoot door prize fund.  Seconded and passed.

  • Money move to land acquisition account-  Travis suggested moving $10000 to the land acquisition account and using $5000 towards capital improvements this year.  Would allow the members to see how their money is being used.  Jim pointed out that the money could be put in the land acquisition account now and could always be taken out later for said improvements.  Jeff asked if that would be a board vote or would it need to be approved by the club.  Jim confirmed that it was within the boards delegation.  Motion made to move $15000 to the land acquisition account.  Seconded and  Passed

  • Money move for funds targeted for 3D target purchase – Motion made to leave target funds in the 3D fund going into next year.  Seconded and passed.

  • Y.O.U. cost -  Mike W. asked how money is used by this charity.  Are they legit?  Diane pointed out that we already voted to support this charity for 2017.  We would need to look into it for 2018 if we wanted to support someone else.  Motion made to retain $7.00 per eligible paying shooter.  Seconded and passed.

  • Motion made to accept Galen’s letter of nomination for life membership.  Seconded and passed.

  • Jim pointed out the work and time needed to run the cook shack and suggested we provide Jennifer with her 2017 membership.  Motion made to provide Jennifer Gahan a membership for 2017.  Seconded and passed.

  • Diane suggested we standardize our start time and venue for the board meetings.  To be tabled to the Feb meeting. 



Meeting adjourned at  7:12.