CRB Board Meeting, Nov 10, 2016 at the Krain Corner




Jeff Keen

Mike Wallace

Dave Garrison

BJ Brewster

Galen Mauden

Bocci Delfino

Mike Stefanick

Jason Coleman

Josh Tedeschi

Addie Nelsen

Tom Daniels

Ace Sanders

Kimi Sanders

Travis Gahan

Jennifer Gahan










Meeting called to order at 6:00.


A quorum is present.


Secretary’s report - Diane – Distributed 10/17/16 –Accepted as written


Treasurer’s Report – Travis – Distributed 11/9/16 – Dave G asked to have income items identified. Report Accepted.


Range Master report – Mike  W.–


  • Member bitten by dog. Tabled for later discussion

  • Flat Range surveyed for safety. Looking for a fix for arrows that have been found in neighbors yard. No solution at this time. Options being discussed, 25 ft walls behind flat range to stop arrows.

  • Announcement of “shame”/attention board of arrow found in neighbor’s yard. Do not call people out on matching arrows to the one on the board, but please help call honor system to tell people not to sky draw. 

  • Mike S drew attention to bottom of the application of rules including the 100 yard butt, sky draw and walking backward on courses

  • Mike W advised option to purchase the tractor and tow behind trailer that was used for Bownanza. 1948 John Deere Model M asking $6000. Questions asked in regards to implements to the tractor. No implements are equipped on the tractor.  Questions arise with Liability insurance especially with children riding in the trailer.  Brought up that the score cards have a liability claim on them. Issue brought up regarding those not shooting therefore a liability release has not been signed and how to tell in the claim was signed or not.   Further discussions on who will drive the tractor/trailer combo? No real answer other than Mike W said he would volunteer sometimes to drive it. Suggestion to Mike W was for him to purchase the tractor/trailer itself and bring it to the shoots. Discussions on storage issues/maintenance especially regarding the slow tractor not fitting on all trails, Slow and power concern. Galen suggested not to purchase, BJ agreed. Mike S suggests a small truck instead of a small tractor/trailer. Discussion Tabled.


Assistant Field – Bocci –


  • Need new count of paper targets. Questioned especially for the flat range

  • Jim and Galen have templates for flat range to cut down. Discussion on duct taping them and posting the templates to the butt as they are plastic templates.


Assistant Animal – Dave –


  • Sunday walked course A, all new targets

  • Watch the trails for fallen trees/debris. Help remove the orange dots on flat range.

  • Discussion on needing to order new burlap targets soon. Looking to order 10 of 3 kinds.


Bow hunter report - Addie – Volunteered for Y.O.U. for a family of 5. They got a turkey and deer. (will be writing an                 article and has pics for Puffs)


Membership – Mike S- 


  • Approx 4 new members.   271 members total.

  • Gave out a couple $78 memberships in the issue regarding the fill in oops for online membership hassles. Potentially adding a page to the website for membership to help with the fill in page for membership.

  • Disscussion on keys/locks for 2018 changing?

  • Discussion on 2nd weekend elk season. Man and Girlfriend on quads passing on our property. They shot an elk and bear. Game Warden called (could not come out) and PCC security called too. Man left with elk on quad/trailer. Not for certain that they pulled their bear out.

  • Discussions on Dave Smith advising gate not locked, witness people on foot leaving.

  • Discussions of trail cam lock box, satellite security.

  • 2018 thinking option of one no duplicate key per family. Deposit for key and changing out master cylinder on locks as a discussion.


Tournament report – Open – none other than turkey shoot was wet to say the least.


                About $200 in food given in can food to Enumclaw food bank.


Puffs – Sarah –  Not in attendance




Old Business –


                Club Pins- looking to be about $3-4 cost for pin for awards, Or could sell for $5 in opted. Search for cheaper options discussed. Which logo to use (Indian/elk) being discussed. Tabled.


New –


  • Elections-If you want to run send bio/resume to Jason or BJ. Watch for emails.

  • Sportsman’s Show- Do we need to attend? We have membership numbers up. Discussion to pair up with Skookum like we did for the Puyallup fair with flyers and volunteer to educate and shoot.  Discussion on doing both the booth and Skookum. Feedback about not wanting to pair up with Skookum. Galen then given the setup and to arrange the times for volunteer for the CRB booth and we will still put flyers at Skookum and suggest volunteers at Skookum shoot lanes.

  • Dog bite-Sunday victim of dog bite.

    Nip on the heel coming out of the truck @ flat range. Dog went away unleashed. Person unpacked gear. Reached down to grab some of their gear at flat range and was bit on the arm with a good size puncture wound drawing blood.  Dog owner did not offer name or phone#. No apology was given and little to no assistance given to the victim by the dog owner. Dog was not on a leash and the owner advised that “Dog has never did that before.”

    Tuesday victim talked to Mike and explained issues.

    Tom sent EM to 4 dog owners and 4 non-dog owner club members asking what do you expect if got bit by dog?  If not offered help, what would expectations be? Pic sent to victim of person he explained to be. Victim and witness confirm the positive identification of the dog owner.

    Suggest dog never allowed at the club again and if brought on premise to be escorted off the property and owner can return without the dog. Tom to contact positively identified person to discuss no longer allowing the dog on property.


    Galen discussion on carpet bale fund. Discussion on needing to find another source of monies to buy pressed straw bales for club house as the carpet bales fund is for carpet bales only. Discussed that the carpet bales fund is “earmarked” monies that cannot be used for other purposes.

    Discussion on moving money as funds account may no longer be needed for just carpet bales.


    Dave G motion to move carpet bale fund, keeping monetary balance from carpet bale fund, to the general fund, to make a new fund called Target Butt Fund (replacement) with same monetary value of the carpet bale fund.

    Motion approved.


    Discussion to move meetings back to the clubhouse due to the loud noise at Krain.  Bocci is willing to see if the grange next to his house can host our meetings once per month instead so we have heat.  Dave pointed out that we have used the Black Diamond library in the past and that may be an option as well if the grange does not work out.


Meeting adjourned at  8:00.