CRB Board Meeting, Oct 13, 2016 at the Krain Corner


Tom Daniels

Diane Daniels

Jason Coleman

Sarah St George

Dave Garrison

Mike Wallace

Mike Stefanick

Bocci Delfino

Jim Walker

Galen Mauden













Meeting called to order at 6:02.

A quorum is present.

Secretary’s report - Diane – Distributed 8/23/16 – Motion made to accept as distributed.  Seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report – Travis –Absent - Distributed 10/5/16   – Motion made to accept as distributed.  Seconded and passed.

Range Master report – Mike  W.–

  • Rebuilt a picnic table. 

  • An arrow made it into our neighbor’s yard.  We talked to property owner.  It would be a good idea to move the targets that point towards his property.  Currently closed target D6.  Mike will look for a new place to put that target.

  • We have the opportunity to buy the tractor and trailer that was used at Bownanza.  It could be used to pull a utility trailer.  He is asking $6000 for both.  We could store it in container 7.  It is not narrow enough to go on all the courses.  He needs an answer soon.  Bocci asked if there are any liability issues.  Diane asked if the club would be better served by spending the money elsewhere.  Mike to further research and will discuss next meeting.

  • Need to have a work party to review the target inventory and condition of them.  Then come up with a recommendation on what to purchase.

  • How safe is our flat range?  It is pointed at our neighbor’s property.  Would need something like the baffles at a rifle range? Maybe extend the overhang on the roof? 

Assistant Field – Bocci – All is good.  Need to replace some of the PVC

Assistant Animal – Dave – Things are in pretty good shape.

Bow hunter report - Addie – Absent 

  • Changes were made in the deer season that are not in the regs.  You need to check online. Tom will check to see if he can get the article to Sarah.

  • Man killed his hunting partner with an arrow. 

Membership – Mike S- 

  • Membership is at 267 paid members. 

  • There is a disconnect on the payment page of our website for membership.   Oct – Nov time slot is $55.  Diane to look at the time slots on our website.  See if we can disable after the time frame has passed. 

  • Do we need a facilities use policy?  Club member came to use the clubhouse and it was being used.  He was upset.  Commitment was made to this group a while in advance.  Group was with a club member.  Decision was made not to send out a notice to the club.  Any member could have been using the clubhouse.  Let it go. 

  • Member asked if it possible for her to run a four day archery camp the last weekend of June.  And possibly in July.  No for July.  She is a level 3 certified coach.  Dedicated to teaching the Olympic style.  Mon thru Thursday 10am – 3pm.  She would provide all the gear. Most activity would be in the club house or at a specified target.   Is this a business for her?  Mike to check. 

Tournament report – Open –

  • Jim asked where the numbers came from for the YOU income statement.  We explained that this was not our numbers and responsibility of YOU.  If you have questions, ask them. 

Puffs – Sarah –  Needs articles by Monday. 

Old Business –


New –

  • Rocky Horror Shoot Nov 5.  Need someone to take the lead

  • Tom asked what date works to have a target inventory work party and get ready targets for Rocky Horror shoot?  Oct 29th at 9am.  Tom to get email to Mike to get out to the club. 

  • Galen asked what process was going to be used to communicate to the club for possible board candidates.  Last year we had some holes and some people may have been missed.  Need to make sure that anyone interested gets the message.  Sarah to put something in this months Puffs.

  • Galen would be willing to fill the vacant VP position for the remainder of the year.  Motion made to put Galen in as VP for the remainder of the year.  Seconded and passed.




Meeting adjourned at 7:25.