CRB Board Meeting,  August 11, 2016 in the clubhouse


Bocci Delfino

Jason Coleman

Mike Wallace

Jeff Keen

Travis Gahan

Jennifer Gahan

Mike Stefanick

Tom Daniels

Diane Daniels

BJ Brewster

Dave Garrison

Sarah St George

Josh Tedeschi

Addie Nelson









Meeting called to order at 6:34.

A quorum is present.

Secretary’s report - Diane – Distributed 7/15/16 – Motion made to accept.  Seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report – Travis –Distributed 8/8/16      Motion made to accept.  Seconded and passed.

Range Master report – Mike  W.–

  • Range is looking pretty good.  Will be awhile before the next work party.  Might need to hit it before the Trad shoot. 

  • Noticed that someone has been dropping off decking material that has been painted.  Mike will put together an article for the Puffs to address this. 

  • BJ noted that people are putting up center targets on the butts on the flat range.  Pull them down as you see them.  Tom to create a sign for the flat range.

  • Tom to check with Jim on status of the new stencils for the flat range moving the targets towards the center.

Assistant Field – Open –

  •  Bocci Delfino is interested in the position.  Motion made to bring Bocci in as Asst rangemaster - field.  Seconded and passed.

  • Bocci noticed that there are some pvc stakes missing.  Mike says there is replacement material in the shed.  Tom to get Bocci a key.

Assistant Animal – Dave –

  • C Course- he replaced all the burlap with 8 pins.  He will write an article on how to stretch the burlap. 

  • Working on A course.

Bow hunter report - Addie –  Aug 1 bear season opened.  Sept 1 deer and grouse.  Sept 10 Elk. 

Membership – Mike S- 

  • Mike needs decals.  Will get them to him tonight.

  • Membership around 257 currently.  Steady stream keeps coming.

  • Summer league concluded this past Tuesday.

  • Mike will be leaving and will be gone until mid-September.  Jamey will cover membership while Mike is out.  Mickala will handle email distribution.  Diane will act as go between for emails going out.


Tournament report – Open –

  • Bownanza – 306 shooters, approx netted same as last year.  Comments captured and shared. 

  • Dave has people helping set up tomorrow for the broadhead shoot.  Diane will work registration.  

  • Mike to send out email regarding picnic. 


Puffs – Sarah –  

  • Newsletter is built.  Need to get any additional articles to her this week. Mike will distribute 8/19. 

  • Sarah will check with DNR regarding burn ban.

Old Business –

  • Email received from Richard Lemon with his resignation on July 17th.

  • Reminder to Jason and BJ to start thinking about the elections coming up.


New –

  • Larry Price from Skookum is looking for volunteers to help at the fair.  Diane to print club flyers to display at the fair.  Need to get them to Jason.  Sarah to put in the Puffs.

  • BJ asked about the ad structure for the Puffs.  Needs to be looked at.  Possible committee.

  • Shoot calendar:

    • Sat Feb 4th, Super Bowl Safari

    • March 18 & 19th, Boarshead 3D

    • April 22 & 23rd, No Strings Attached (Redding Warmup) Mixed Safari

    • May 20 & 21st,  Shoot the Field, Field Shoot

    • June 17 & 18th, Y.O.U. Benefit  Marked 3D

    • July 29 & 30th, Bownanza 3D

    • August 12th, CRB Annual Broadhead 3D

Diane to submit to WSAA. 

  • WSAA convention will be attended by Jason Coleman, Dave Garrison and Mike Stefanick.



Meeting adjorned at 8:17.