CRB Board Meeting,  July 14, 2016 in the clubhouse


Travis Gahan

Jim Walker

Richard Lemon

Sarah St George

BJ Brewster

Jamey Holmes

Walt Watkins

Tom Daniels

Diane Daniels

Dave Garrison

Mike Stefanick

Derrell Keegan

Mike Wallace

Jason Coleman









Meeting called to order at 6:36.

A quorum is present.

Secretary’s report - Diane – Distributed 6/14/16  -  Motion made to accept as distributed.  Seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report – Travis –Distributed 7/5/16      Dave asked if we could get a record of the donation record for Y.O.U. so we would have it if anyone asks about our community support.   BJ will provide.  Motion made to accept report as distributed.  Seconded and passed.

Derrell asked to speak.  He has been on the board for over 2 years.  For his wellbeing and the wellbeing of the club he is going to resign at this time.  Thanked all for their support.

Range Master report – Mike  W.–

  • Patrick’s trailer is available.  Tom and Mike will pick up antique tractor.  To be used as a shuttle service at Bownanza. 

  • Cleaned “D” course and fixed a few targets.

  • Set out a NFAA animal round on “B” course. 

  • Seems like we had a two month period that we did not have a work party.  Need to look at cleaning that up for next year.  That was too long for the courses to be left unattended.

  • Mike asked if conveyor belt material would work around the target bales on the flat range.  After much discussion, if was determined that fire hose is still a better option.  Mike will use fire hose to replace those missing at the flat range.

  • Mike indicated that Bocci Delfino might be interested in the open asst. range master position . Tom will send out an email to the club to see if anyone else is interested.  Will vote/ratify at the August meeting.

  • Jamey asked who has the new signage for sponsorship.  Tom has them.  He will get them to Mike W for installation.

  • Jim shared new designs for the target butts at the flat range to accommodate scoring rings.  Jim to go ahead with making new stencils for the hunter rounds.  Field rounds still to be worked.

Assistant Field – Now open -

Assistant Animal – Dave – Making new target pins.  Courses A, B, C need attention. 

Bow hunter report - Addie –  Absent

Membership – Mike S- 

  • Membership is at 240 paid, total of 253. 

  • Recruitment program says that if a member brings in a member, they both need to sign up the next year.  Jim would like to gift his memberships to Dani.  Board agreed that was ok.  Mike will note.

  • Would like to alert the board of the Summer league closure on July 26th  due to Bownanza.  He will put a notice in the Puffs.

  • Mike needs decals to give out with membership.  Diane pointed out we have several in the back room.  Will get them to Mike.

  • Jim asked if we are charging the members the additional $15 if they do not pay by SuperBowl Safari.  We will put a reminder in the Puffs at renewal time.

Tournament report –  Open –

Puffs – Sarah –  

  • Needs articles. 

  • She will put in an article for members to submit ideas/designs for a possible award/club pin.


Old Business –

  • Bownanza –

    • Need volunteers.  Poker run, club house set up, etc.

    • Need parking spots designated.  BJ will paint the lot again. 

    • Turn in any raffles soon. 


New –

  • Jim would like to provide an update on elk academy.  Brought in approx. $780 between lunch, memberships and club fee.  Jim asked if we have the people attending the Chef of the Woods to sign waivers as we did for the Elk academy.   We will look into when we need them moving forward.

  • Two attendees asked what the status is on Josh and Addie?  They have not been in attendance for the past 3 board meetings.  Tom stated that he had been in contact with them but had not heard from them relative to their attendance this evening.


Meeting adjorned at 7:46.