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Cedar River Bowmen Archery Club is a private, non-profit organization, that boasts many of the attributes an archery club should, including unmatched ranges, facilities, and highly dedicated club members, committed to promoting the sports of archery and bowhunting. 

CRB was established in the early 1950’s, and continues to thrive today. Originally established by our founding fathers over 50 years ago as an archery club through Boeing, we have carried on the time-honored traditions, goals and dreams of our predecessors.

CRB has a rich, thriving and very successful history of handing down the love and passion for archery and bowhunting, that would make our founding fathers proud, and help them realize the dream they created many, many years ago.

It is this deeply rooted passion, that keeps CRB at the forefront of archery clubs around the northwest. Nowhere else will you find the kind of passion, loyalty, and dedication that CRB members possess. Our club members have a drive that lies much deeper than that of most other clubs of our type. It is this drive and passion that pushes us ever forward, in a relentless pursuit to be the premier archery club of the northwest, always striving to set the standard for what archery clubs “should be”, and to pass down through the generations, the traditions and respect for archery and bowhunting.

Come see what a long-standing, rich tradition in archery and bowhunting can mean to you, your family, or your group, and join the proud, “generations-old” tradition that is Cedar River Bowmen.

If archery or bowhunting is your passion, Cedar River Bowmen is where you will set those passions free, and where your archery and bowhunting senses will come alive.